Thursday, November 22, 2012

Alert for 'Scammer' Buyer

Assalamualaikum & Good Day to All,

I've received lots of email from customer that interested to buy items in my blog. Do I feel happy or should I feel bad about it? Eventually I'm very excited when it happens but when it comes to a 'scammer buyer' then I shall be angry isn't it?

OK, let me start with and advise,especially to a Seller like me, I will give you my 10cent advise on how to identify the true buyer/customer or a scammer. More likely, "Hey friend, this is for your precaution... better be safe than sorry!"

1) A 'Scammer' will email you and asking that they interested some of the item that you had advertised. Sometimes they will SMS you with local mobile number (example: 013-3495619) so that will not so obvious that they will begin to scam you isn't it?)

2) They nicely asking you to reply their message via email and not via sms. Usually, the email address will show name of Malaysian (example: aliceloh40 (at) yahoo (dot) com)

3) You nicely email them to know what exactly they want. 

4) They response and the email shall be similar as follows ...
"Thanks for the mail but am presently in UK am buying the item for my cousin who is presently in Working with the British Tobacco Company in west Africa i hope you can get back to me with the total cost of the shipment via Registered Post i will be paying you via bank to bank transfer"

5) You feel very excited and agree with them. Do remember the bank transfer cannot be made unless you have the 'swift' code. You may alert when they using am rather than I am

6) You post the item to West Africa and suddenly they said that the item is on hold at their customs (which you have never expect it will be in custody since the item is only a shoe??) and you have to pay them and maybe someone from the 'customs' call you and ask you to pay if you want the item to be released. What the hell??

7) The above tricks always happen and that's how the scammer get easy money from you and before you know, your item already lost track. You are losing both money and the item. (yeayyy for them)

8) Logically  they can get the item from wherever location they currently live such as UK & US with the cheaper price than what we've offer here (FYI, Malaysia international postage charges is much more higher compare to outside)

8) OK that some kind of thought from me to you reader and hope you capture it in your mind.

Note: If you smart enough, you can track the IP address from their email or Google the address and the address is not even exist. For international transaction, please prefer Paypal than other method. It is absolutely safe and easy. 

Ok that all for today. Have a nice day ahead.


shaza said...

Aku pun kena macam ni.. Jual kasut bonia kat Pompuan tu dari UK nak beli kasut aku utk sedara dia kat Afrika.. tapi aku dah agak dia mesti menipu.. Dah tentu le kat UK tu berlambak-lambak kasut.. Nape beli kasut bonia gak kan..

/-\K|\/|/-\ C|-|/-\PTER said...

mmg sakit hati weh shaza.. dia nak scam kalo org yg tak tau mmg kompem2 kena tipu. aku pnah layan tau sbb nak tau mcm mana dia nak scamh.. yg bank transfer tu dia keluar surat bodoh nama bank (masa aku tuh bank indonesia) .. jap g aku google bagai nak rak la betul ke nama manager dia tuh smer and pastuh aku bukak the real bank website and email to the real bank whether this scumbag exist ke tak..mmg takda la kan ..dah nama penipu besar...hehehe